BRRHS Top 20% of All U.S. High Schools
BRRHS Top 20% of All U.S. High School

BRRHS ranks in the TOP 20% of ALL schools in the Nation

More specifically, we rank in the TOP 17% Nationally in College Readiness and in the TOP 12.5% Nationally in College Curriculum breadth.

Final Exam Schedule Gr 9-11

Tuesday, June 14th, last period - 1st final exam

Wednesday, June 15th, Exams 6 and 5; no lunch - 1/2 day

Thursday, June 16th, Exams 4 and 3; no lunch - 1/2 day

Friday, June 17th, Exams 2 and 1; no lunch - 1/2 day

Tuesday, June 21st full day of school - all classes review exams

and Wednesday, June 22nd half day